Starling / Star

The star is the most widespread and common representative in Eurasia of the starling family (Sturnidae). Through numerous naturalizations on other continents, the star is now one of the most common birds in the world. The star is a body length of 19 to 22 cm, slightly smaller than the blackbird. The tail is much shorter than the blackbird. The wings are triangular and pointed in flight. Male starlings of the nominotypic taxon weigh on average 81 g, females are slightly lighter with an average of 76 g. In the sizing dress, the body feathers are blackish with a metallic green or purple sheen and have white to beige tips. The whole body appears brightly dotted. Swing and control feathers are black-brown with light brownish hems, the arm wings are also broadly metallic lined. The splendor dress is created in spring by wear of the bright patches of the body plumage, the body is then overall blackish and shiny metallic. The beak is yellow in the beauty dress, blackish in the dress. The legs are reddish brown, the iris of the eyes is dark brown.