Willow Warbler / Weidenlaubsänger

The Zilpzalp or willow warbler is a species of bird of the family of warblers (Sylviidae). This foliage singer inhabits large parts of the Palearctic from northeastern Spain and Ireland to the east to Kolyma in Siberia. Zilpzalpe are small, without striking drawings and move mostly covered in higher vegetation. They are therefore most likely by the distinctive vocals, the kind owes its lautmalenden German name. The animals inhabit a wide range of wooded habitats and are also common in parks and the leafy outskirts of cities. The food consists mainly of small and soft-skinned insects. The Zilpzalp is short to long-haul depending on its geographic distribution. European birds hibernate in the Persian Gulf, Mediterranean, Sahara, dry Saharan and East African highlands. The species is a very common breeding bird in Europe and not endangered.