Wren / Zaunkönig

The Wren is the only Eurasian species of the Wren family (Troglodytidae). In addition, he is the third smallest bird in Europe after the winter and summer gold chicken. For a long time he was called "Snow King", as he also sings vividly in the winter. The wren populates Europe, North Africa, foreground, central and eastern Asia and North America. Its food consists of spiders, weavers and insects, such as moths and flies, as well as their eggs and larvae together. The species is currently considered not endangered. In stories, the Wren bears the reputation of cunning and cunning. This slander goes back to a fable of Aesop, according to which the birds once decided to make the king of them fly the highest. The eagle was able to do this, but the wren succeeded in outsmarting it by a cunning.